First Year Tween Applicants


Glow Getters™ is free to attend thanks to our amazing business and private donors. To become a Glow Getter, each girl must apply. We do this, not only because of limited space, but also to achieve a diverse group of girls. Our goal is that your girl has the opportunity to meet new friends. Once an application is approved by our board, we will personally reach out via phone call to a parent/guardian with a formal invitation and to set up your required in-person consultation with our Founder and Photographer, Chianne Coffman.

Becoming a Glow Getter is an honor to have and comes with many unique opportunities including:

  • A professional photo session with and award-winning studio Chy Creative
  • A highly personalized experience that will inspire her to be her best self
  • An invitation to attend our Glow Getters™ Tween event
  • A personalized welcome gift we call a Glow Book (it’s like yearbook, but WAY cooler)
  • Fully customized swag featuring her professionally captured photo and name
  • Visual lesson teaching that will make a positive impact on her life
  • Once a Glow Getter, always a Glow Getter!*
  • Opportunity to apply for continued education sponsorships through out Glow Getters™ Gives program (must have attended our event without cancelation and participated in at least 2 Glow Getters™ Serves community outreach events)

*If for some reason you are unable to attend, we will need a 30 day notice. Please understand that each Glow Getter is provided with a very personalized experience and several of the items hand-picked for her station will have her name on them including her brand new Glow Book. Not to mention that she will hold a spot, another girl would have loved to fill. Any last minute no shows will not get an invitation back to our program.

Be sure to read through all of the information on this page and then click the “Apply” button at the bottom of the page to submit your application to join the 2024 Glow Getters™ Tween team.


Meeting your girl prior to her photo session is a requirement that we ask both you and your girl to attend together. This is our opportunity to get to know one another and get a minor model release signed. This is also our chance to get to exchange stories and laughs, answer questions and address any concerns.

Chianne fully believe in not only creating a space for your girl to connect to others, but also a space where she feels empowered to fully be herself the second time we meet at her photo session. It is amazing what Chianne can pull out during a photo session no matter what walk of life a Glow Getter has had… she truly cares about your girls’ unique gifts and personality.

“My favorite moment at the beginning of our journey together is witnessing a girl find her confidence in front of my camera with her new friends cheering for her.”

Chianne Coffman, Founder

Amiyah’s session, this is where the visualization of living out her dream begins.

Photography is a powerful tool that Chianne is passionate about creating. As a graphic designer and photographer, Chianne takes the photos of your daughter and turns them into treasured artwork pieces. Our most popular artwork that parent’s invest in are Chianne’s hand-drawn “I Can” illustrated portrait pieces. Chianne will show samples during your in-person consultation. Each piece is commissioned ahead of time by the parents due to the complexity of the creation behind it. What can be more powerful than a commissioned art piece that reiterates back to your girl every day that her dreams can happen for her?

Amiyah is a 2021 Glow Getter with a passion to become a neonatal surgeon. Go Amiyah, YOU CAN!

An investment in artwork is just an added bonus, but not a requirement. No matter what, each family will be invited back to view all of the photos from their girls’ session. This is a powerful experience to share with your girl as she will only get a complimentary photo session her first year!


Photo session day is SO fun! This is the first time that your girl will get to meet her fellow 1st Year Glow Getters™. Since we had already met during the in-person consultation, parents have the option of staying with their girl or dropping her off. We provide snacks and beverages and age appropriate music to “get our dance on”. The girls love playing dress up with our creative closet we have on loan from local boutiques.

Karina and Ariana checking out one of the racks from our creative closet

Chianne is sure to capture all the images that are needed for the event as well as any special requests discussed during the in-person consultation. Each girl gets her time in the spotlight and we do not rush through this part. We give her as much time as she needs to express herself! Most girls aren’t ready to leave when their parents return for pick-up.

“When my mom first told me she signed me up for a tween empowerment group I was nervous and didn’t want to do it, but when I met Chy and Rachel I changed my mind. They were so sweet and accepting. The photo session was so much fun! I got to meet some other girls and really embrace my “inner diva”. At the actual event I met so many great people. I even met a few new friends. When I saw the artwork Chy had created I was blown away. It was so pretty and so cool. I actually got to envision myself in the operating room.”

Amiyah, 2021 Glow Getters™ Team

Olivia dancing her way to the top of her art as an athlete.

“The photo session was such an amazing experience for Hailey. She was very unsure about it at first, but was able to slowly feel more confident and comfortable in expressing herself!”

Angie, Hailey’s Mom
2022 Glow Getters™ Team


Chianne will invite each Glow Getter and her family back to present all of the incredible images captured from your girls’ photo session. Remember, this photo session is only offered to 1st Year Glow Getters™ at this time.

These are sometimes the hardest years a young lady will grow through. With all of the changes happening physically and mentally as well as all of the social pressures beginning to rear their ugly heads, we want our Glow Getters™ to know they are uniquely qualified to rise up into their best life.

This age range is one of the least photographed time periods in the life of a young person… “Once Collins has her braces off we will get family photos” is an often used excuse Chianne hears outside her work with Glow Getters™. However, Chianne truly believes that if “Collins” can feel beautiful with her braces, then she has an extra tool in her tool box that empowers her. We all went through adolescents, it’s our job now as adults to lend a hand that pulls this next generation through it.

The purpose of this presentation is to highlight the captivating expressions captured of your girl. When she sees herself presented professionally, she sees a new reflection that might have otherwise been missed had she not been a Glow Getter. We get to gush on her and see her sit a little more upright with confidence.

Tinsley and her Mama coming in for their framing appointment.

Regardless of investment with Chy Creative, this is an opportunity you get to have with your girl because of Chy Creative’s donation of services to Glow Getters™. However, should you want to make an investment at this time Chianne can walk you through her easy in-person ordering experience that will have you putting your girls’ artwork in your home in no time!

This is Maya, 2021 Glow Getters™ team.

Studies show that when a child sees themselves displayed on the walls of their home it gives them a sense of belonging, security and confidence!

Ready to apply? Spots will fill up fast!