Glow Getters™ Women

Coming Fall 2023! Stay tuned as we are preparing a retreat for women just like you. As a wife, mother, entrepreneur and founder of a non-profit, Chianne Coffman has a deep desire to link arm-in-arm with other women in a spirit of encouragement, empowerment and belonging.

Glow Getters™ Women will be structured much like Glow Getters™ Tween, but in a grown-up, retreat style that we are all craving. This is quality time with yourself, away from the distractions that pull you in all directions, so that you can find your center, understand your strengths and live intentionally.

We will keep our first Glow Getters™ Women Retreat close to Windsor, Colorado and quite small in attendees. 2023 will be our first year launching this branch of Glow Getters™ based on high demand from women just like you!

If you are interested in getting first dibs on this empowering, insightful retreat, click the button below to join our waitlist for Fall of 2023.