Glow Getters™ Serves

We strongly believe that each of us can have an impact on the community around us. Glow Getters™ Serves is intentional about lifting others as we climb. Simply put, the women and young ladies in our Glow Getters™ family want to help others. Our mission is to create an outreach opportunity within each branch of our organization, so that as we are empowering our Glow Getters™ they can then empower others.

For Fall 2023, Glow Getters™ Tween will be partnering with W.O.W. (Women Optimizing Women) to supply vulnerable students with new backpacks full of school supplies and toiletries. Because of the connection that W.O.W. has in Northern Colorado, these backpacks will be given to our most vulnerable young people within our community.

We are calling this partnership “Pack-A-Pack”. Our 2023 Glow Getters™ Tween team will be invited back this fall to help us pack all of the backpacks they donated. Teaching our young Glow Getters™ how to serve others in a fundamental characteristic we want to help instill.

If you know of an organization who could use our help, please email us at