Glow Getters™ Alumni

Once A Glow Getter, Always A Glow Getter!

This year’s 3rd Annual Glow Getters™ event will be on June 15th, 2023 at Just For Kix in Windsor, CO.

Our 2022 Glow Getters™ Team and 2021 Alumni get their silly faces on.

Every year our Glow Getters™ family grows because once you are a Glow Getter, you are welcomed to return each year free of charge until you age out at 15 (don’t worry, we are making way for our leaders to continue their Glow Getters™ journey within another Glow Getters™ program).

Read all the way through and then RSVP be clicking the button at the bottom. You must RSVP to attend.


Each year you return, we create more surprises for you! Not only do you get to come to the event and create your yearly vision board, listen to amazing speakers and see other Glow Getters™, but you are positioned as a leader. You’ve done this before, but the girl next to you may be a bit nervous because she is a First Year. You get the opportunity to become like a “big sister” and help her feel included.

In alignment with our Core Values, our goal is to lift as we climb. This means you have the opportunity to have an impact within Glow Getters™ by taking in a First Year and becoming her friend. Founder, Chianne Coffman, has learned that age does not matter when it comes to true connection. She brags that she has friends of all ages, shapes, backgrounds and personalities within her community and around the world. Life is better this way and we agree with her!

All Alumnus are automatically VIPs! We invite you to come early to our event for our Private Social Hour (don’t forget to bring your Glow Books)! Second year alumni will have a welcome ceremony where they will receive their lanyard and ID badge along with their first alumni pin! Third year Glow Getters™ , we have something special in store for you that you won’t want to miss.

Every year you can return to a new experience until one day we hope to have you speaking at one of our events. Glow Getters™ is also in the process of developing a scholarship program to help our Glow Getters™ continue to pursue their dreams at a collegiate level!

For 2023, we are proudly partnering with W.O.W. (Women Optimizing Women) in our Pack-A-Pack campaign.

We are asking each 2023 Glow Getter to bring a brand new backpack to our event to be donated.

Glow Getters™ Serves will then partner with W.O.W. in the joint effort to “Pack-A-Pack” where we will invite our 2023 Glow Getters™ Tween team back to help W.O.W. pack the backpacks with school supplies to be distributed to students who are vulnerable and in need.

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